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Hyaluronic Acid+ Hair Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid+ Hair Treatment

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Hyaluronic Acid+ Hair Treatment is an innovative natural LEAVE-IN treatment.  It hydrates the hair and scalp, reduces frizziness and restore damaged hair.

It is the NEW beauty essential for silky youthful hair after a week of using Hyaluronic Acid+ Hair Treatment with amazing miracle proven results:
  • Up to 90% improvement in hydration.
  • 80% improvement in hair textures.
    This benefits the hair and scalp in several ways:
    • Hydrates the hair: This humectant-binding properties of hyaluronic acid + perform similarly on hair fibers as it does on the skin, allowing the hair fibers to retain and seal moisture from products.
    • Reduces frizziness: Hyaluronic acid + also helps to seal the cuticle, which prevents unwanted moisture that causes frizzy hair and curl shrinkage from entering it.
    • Plumps the hair: More studies are needed, theoretically, hyaluronic acid could help plump up dry, damaged hair. This plumping effect could be used for added volume at the roots with Hyaluronic Acid +
    • Hydrates the scalp:   Not only does hyaluronic acid benefit the hair strands, but its benefits for the scalp, as well. "Humectant molecules attract and bind moisture to the skin, allowing collagen to thrive in the skin and scalp.

    • Revitalizes high porosity hair: Dry, damaged hair does not easily retain water but hyaluronic acid + helps to fill in the cracks of the porous hair shaft and moisturize and strengthen hair structures.
    • Flat iron spray & thermal protection up to 450 F.


    Directions of Use:

    Spray Hyaluronic Acid+ Hair Treatment on clean damp hair.  Style hair or blow dry as usual.


    Key Ingredients:

    Hyaluronic Acid:  low molecule helps penetrate hair deeper for better results.

    Baobab tein:  helps to repair damage, increase hair strength, protects from UV damage, moisturizes dry hair and nourishes strands.

    Keratin (Plant-Based):  derived from soy it smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands for more manageable hair and less frizz.

    Biotin (Plant-Based):  strengthens hair and nails, regulates blood sugar and helps in improving metabolism.

    Vitamin C & E:  powerful antioxidant that helps protect against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

    Collagen (Plant-Based):  strengthens the hair by building the proteins and it helps in making the roots firm and strong.





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