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Product Description:

Plant-based Lemon Grass aroma along with plant extracts and oils deliver the joyful experience.


  • High quality ingredients such as selected essential oils and extracts with lemon grass aroma.
  • Ingredients of natural origin and plant-based surfactants.
  • No animal tested ingredients.
  • No parabens, silcone oils, formalddhyde releasers, alcohol or synthetic color.
  • No paraffin oil or mineral oils.

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THANK YOU! These are THE products I've been waiting for all my life. After two months of using the Moisture Healing Mask instead of my old moisturizer, my hair is so healthy and strong. I love my hair.


By far this is the best 'hair care' for women 40. I feel my hair needs more moisture and thickness. After first time using, I love how it feels and looks and time is showing on my hair, which is beautiful and so wonderful.


Nelson j is amazing! Just got my order and I couldn't be happier! I've spent a lot of $$ on products over the years that have been a complete waste of money, but Nelson j is worth every penny.


I went to an event last night and all I did was I used non-fomaing shampoo and let my hair air dried itself. It looked amazing!!! lol


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