3 Habits To Help Your Hair Grow Fast and Strong


Have you wonder why your hair never grows long and strong. Change these 3 habits below, magic will happen.


  • Handling your hair with care

Minimizing chemical treatments (especially bleach and perm), heat styling tools is the #1 hair killer, go on heat diet or at least invest in more expensive hair dryer like New Dyson dry ($400) read my blog for professional reviews and discount tip on this.


Heat ironing is absolute “NO” when you want strong long hair, It breaks, and damages hair and it can’t be restored easily. If you must iron your hair, go to professional instead of doing it yourself.

 The frequency of washing your hair; doing so daily decreases the natural essential oils that stimulate growth, so washing your hair only two to three times a week is recommended and avoid using harsh shampoo instead use moisture infused shampoo and follow up with conditioner or treatment like Moisture Healing Shampoo and Hair Mask ($20).


Never leave hair wet/damp after washing and Easy on brushing hair when is wet/damp.  Wet hair is weaker and easy to break. Strongly recommend dry hair immediately after washing with fingers and be really careful when brushing hair especially when is wet. Use soft bristle detangling brush like Wet Brush ($8.95) to instantly detangle hair without breaking it.


  • Massaging the scalp daily

Massaging the hair is also a great way to accelerate your hair’s growth because it increases blood circulation and brings forth essential nutrients to your hair follicles. Using Wet Brush to massage your scalp for minimum 5 minutes a day will effectively excise each follicle without hurting scalp.


Hair consists of keratin, which is a protein made up of amino acids. In order to grow new hair, your body must produce these amino acids: high-protein diets are therefore great for your hair, so make sure that you are including to your diet ingredients like eggs, meats and even dairy products like yogurt. Besides proteins, it is very important to remember that beauty is a reflection of what you eat, so be sure to stick to an overall healthy diet. Natural Supplements like Visiscal Professional ($60) and Biton can really make a huge different.

Hope you like these tips, like it and share it. Remember, this is not hair, this is life.


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