Dyson Dryer Reviewed by Top Hairstylists plus Discount Tip

No one should need or want a $400 hair dryer. The number one hair dryer we use daily on clients costs between $100 and $150. A $400 hair dryer is more than twice the price of anything else, but that doesn’t matter, because Dyson, a company best known for its fancy vacuums, has made a hair dryer, and the damn thing might be the last you’ll ever need.

dyson hair dryer

Dyson has this irritating habit of making wildly expensive products that are actually kind of worth the money. Its vacuums suck up pet hair better than the other guys and are easier to service. Its fans are super quiet and don’t require a screwdriver and patience to clean. The Supersonic hair dryer is even more overpriced than other Dyson products, but it is also an outstandingly good product. It solves most of the major problems of every other hair dryer on the market, while also drying hair faster and better.

We can’t help to get a Dyson Hair Dryer but there is no discount anywhere but finally, I found it on neimanmarcus.com for $399 with 6% cash back from ebates.com plus if I signed up Neiman Marcus's email list then and get 10% OFF the first order which is $39 and being new customer at ebates.com, I also get $10, so total cash back I got were $73.

We immediately test it out all our clients who have different hair types and texture by 10 different hair stylists in the salon.

Here are the Pros and Cons we found on Dyson hair dryer:


  1. Amazing design, very future design, and every client notice

  2. Really, it blows out better air for better hair. We compared other hair dryers at the same time on same head of hair and we definitely see the major difficult in hair quality after using Dyson dryer.

  3. It works on all hair types, we tested the dryer on over 100 plus hair and different kind of hair types and texture. We found it works on all hair types, it works the best on dry damaged hair to conditioner and smoothes out unruly, frizzy hair and it works on hair that is fine and limp to create volume and fullness.

  4. It drys hair faster, a lot faster without increase the heating temperature. It saves time and life on hair. Bonus, no static.

  5. Relatively light weight (1.8oz), compare to most dryer Dyson hair dryer is in the light weight category. It helps us (hairdresser) not to get burn out so fast.

  6. Quiet, it is one of the most quiet hair dryer we have ever used.

  7. It comes with all accessories included 2 nozzles, 1 diffuser, non-slip mat, travel box and more.


  1. Unique design can be a problem. Yes, it looks great but sometimes it might problems. 2 out of 10 stylists think the design cause handling problem which will take a while to get used to. (This only apply to hairdresser but not regular people at home).

  2. Bad location for buttons, on Dyson hair dryer, all buttons located in places that are very difficult to reach by one hand. Unlike the other dryers all buttons include cold, speed and temperature buttons can be easily to adjust by one hand or one finger.

  3. Thick cord, all though the cord is 9ft long but it seems heavy and it has a small box attached. It is very different than other hair dryers


We really love the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer uses intelligent heat control to maintain Dyson's optimum temperature, helping to prevent extreme heat damage. Less damaged hair reflects light in a single direction, making the hair appear shinier and healthier.

It seems like Dyson really has made the perfect hair dryer. So that insane $400 price tag almost feels reasonable. Dryers were flawed! This one is not! But the price itself is a major flaw. If you dry your hair once a month do not buy this dryer. If you dry it once a week then maybe, do not buy this dryer. If you’re drying it every time you wash you’re hair, or if you dry hair for a living, then yeah, start counting your dollars and considering that insane price tag, because this stupidly expensive hair dryer is worth it.

Discount Tip:

Here is the step by step how to get cash back from buying $399 Dyson Hair Dryer.

  1. Sign up on Ebates.com and you will get cash back when you make a purchase on many sites, plus if you are a new customer of ebates.com. You will also get $10.

  2. Use Ebates.com to go to sign up Neiman Marcus's e-mail list so you can get 10% off your first purchase

  3. Then purchase Dyson Hair Dryer at neimanmarcus.com and now ebates.com will give 6% cash back on all purchases on neimanmarcus.com. Sometimes is more and sometimes is less. Base on my recent research, that is the only way to get the most cash back when purchasing Dyson hair dryer, because there is no discount at all anywhere else. Hope this information help :)



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