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3 Ways Calcium Effect Hair



How Minerals Can Affect Hair & Get Free Detox Treatment

Calcium Effect on Hair: This mineral is in most of the water in the United States and unfortunately, causes serious problems not usually recognized by most professional stylists and their clients.

Mineralized calcium is found naturally in the ground, especially where limestone is present. Calcium (also known as lime) is injected into most water systems as part of the water treatment process.

Three ways calcium affect hair:

  1. Calcium builds up on the hair, leaving the hair feeling dry and weighted down. It can even cause perms to be relaxed.

  2. Calcium salts build up on the scalp and cause flaking, often know as dandruff. These deposits are much like the "bathtub ring" associated with hard water and bath soap.

  3. Calcium "build-up" can clog the hair at the mouth of the follicle, causing the hair to break off, and may coat the scalp, blocking further hair growth.

Copper: This mineral bonds strongly to the hair and originates either from underground water, particles from copper water pipes, or most commonly, copper sulfates added to pool and drinking water to control algae growth. Oxidized copper discolors light hair, producing a green tint, and causes dark hair to tint darker. It can weigh hair down, and also cause problems in perm, colors, and relaxers.

Iron: Found usually in good water in areas that have concentrations of iron in the ground. Concentrations of iron will slowly cause hair to tint darker, add weight to the hair, and prevent proper chemical processing. Heavy amounts of iron will tint light-colored hair orange and cause dark hair to become darker with red highlights. Oxidized iron actually functions as an oxidizer in hair in much the same way that mild peroxide attacks the hair. It may cause an excessive dry feeling in the hair and may actually change the textural appearance of the hair.

Magnesium: Magnesium is abundant in the soil and is very much a part of the mineral complex associated with hard water. Like calcium, magnesium attaches to the hair, leaving it feeling dry and weighted down.

Silica: a Sand-like substance found in areas of volcanic or desert-like areas. It is usually bound to calcium or magnesium and forms very hard, virtually insoluble deposits on surfaces. Water borne silica can build up on the hair, causing the same effect as calcium - dryness, dandruff, weight, and hair loss.

Lead: Lead acetate is used in certain home remedy gray cover-ups, such as Grecian Formula. This element can build up, leaving the hair feeling dry and preventing proper chemical services, such as perms and colors, from processing properly.

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