3 Tips: How Moms Can Create Sexy Hair at Home

Tip # 1
Sexy hair should have natural texture and volume, we suggests spraying hair evenly with volumizer (such as Aveda volumizing tonic) and combing through before drying. However, since movement is key to sexy hair, we against additional products because heavy styling aids can cause the look to go limp. Heat Brush is a great new hair tool to create instant volume and professional sexy wave for dummies.

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Tip # 2
Our pick: Living Proof working spray . It's a sexy floral lemon scent. Spritz the top of your hair, and with every flirty toss your hair will release the come-hither scent.

Tip # 3
Our experts agree that the surest way to fizzle your sizzle is by pushing hair behind your ears. It's juvenile and generally not flattering on anyone. Pull your hair back if you’re at work, but on dates you can let it fall in your face in that flirty, Kate Moss kind of way. Magic will happen :)
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