5 Hair Repair Tips for Damaged Bleached Hair


Colorist of the Star, Nelson Chan

1.Do not wash bleached hair with color safe shampoo. Bleached hair is very weak and breaks easily, even color safe shampoo can be too harsh for it. Non-foaming hair shampoo ($22) will keep hair cuticles closed during washing. It doesn’t strip natural moisture. It keeps hair in the best shape and condition. It contains Argan, Citrus and Peppermint oils are perfect for cleansing hair that has been through harsh chemicals like perms or bleach. You will see results within the first use.


2. A good rule of thumb for repairing bleached hair is No Conditioner for your hair; instead use a treatment or a mask. Over bleached hair’s structure is destroyed. Hair becomes brittle and rough in texture. It requires special care. Moisture Healing Masks ($23) will deeply penetrate Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to strengthen hair to make hair stronger. Argan, Coconut and Jojoba oils moisturize and soften hair, makes hair silky and easy to manage.




3.Bleached hairs outside cuticle is open and inside the structure is broken due to damage of proteins. Avoid any heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons and the hot setting on hair dryers. Try using low heat or no heat styling with a Heat Brush or air-dry hair with braiding instead; You will find your hair will change overnight.


4.This is a hard one, but do not bleach your hair. Instead, try high lift tints or non-ammonia hair lighteners. These products are more gentle and keep hair in a lot better condition. Remember better ingredients, better hair.


5.Protection is the answer. If you follow all 4 tips above and want to even bring your damaged bleached hair back to perfect condition, you must use protection all the time. Brilliant Shine Oil ($18) will make amazing protection for bleached hair from heat. It will create a healthy coating on hair cuticles to smooth out rough texture.


Hair colorist of the stars Nelson Chan says you got to treat bleached hair with more love and care. He developed Bleached Hair Rescue System, especially for bleached hair and hair that has been over-stressed by harsh chemicals.

Are there any people who bleached their hair without any damage?

“The whole idea of treating your bleached hair with special love and care is that people can easily transform the damage of bleached hair by taking care of it differently is what I really believe in,” said Nelson Chan, a hair colorist who created  Nelson j Beverly Hills - Rescue System for Bleached Hair ($29.95)

which contains all 3 full size of

·       Non-Foaming Shampoo 8oz

·       Coconut Moisture Healing Mask 3.4oz

·       Brilliant Shine Oil Spray 4oz

·       FREE Hair Detangling Brush


People are Rescue System Lovers!

The System is not just for bleached hair. “Bleached Hair Rescue System is the sound of a revolution in the hair industry,” he says. “People are constantly over bleaching hair but not knowing how to take care of it, I’m educating people on what to do with bleached hair with the right products...as for my bleached hair rescue system is to focus on restoring hair from the inside-out."

Nelson Chan believes in healthy and strong blonde hair and not over-bleaching on the hair to wreck hair structure. When asked how to keep blonde hair in great condition, he said, " prep hair before bleaching and really take care of it with the right products after.


"Blondes have more fun," said Chan. I also understand that bleaching hair will weaken hair structure… Don’t treat bleached hair same as other hair—that’s the secret."


Start washing your hair with non-foaming shampoo to keep hair cuticle close and tight that will prevent loss of color and moisture. Second, restore protein and moisture by using moisture healing mask for 5 minutes. Feed your bleached hair what it needs, hydrolyzed protein, Argan, coconut oils. Last protect hair with non-greasy, light oil brilliant shine spray. This is a powerful system, it will bring damaged bleached hair back to life instantly.


Judging by the photos and videos, Bleached hair rescue system transforms hair condition with rich color, luminous hair, they use it just for their very first time. As blonde lovers, they say, they can’t live without this bleached hair rescue system.



“The biggest hair coloring mistake that people make is constantly over bleaching hair and not treating bleached hair with right products after,” he said. The lighter you get, the more love and care your hair needs. Bleached hair is not normal hair anymore.”

 After moving to America from Hong Kong at age of 17, Chan immediately started hairdressing as his career at a young age. In more than 2 decades in hair color industry in both Los Angeles and New York. He has worked with stars included, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, Alicia Stone, Leah Remini, Lady Gaga, the cast and Crew from days of our lives Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow and Nadia Bjorlin… and many more.





He developed Bleached hair rescue system due to his celebrity clients who always have to look great on camera, especially their close-up shots. “The perfect hair is the first thing people see especially if they're a blonde”, Chan said.

Taking care bleached hair with special love and care makes more sense than using regular products constantly. It keeps hair healthy and strong hair in results, this system works with effective ingredients to nourish bleached hair. Which means if you are serious about being a perfect blonde, you must try this. This is a great system to make blonde even have more fun.

 “When somebody says to you, ‘Wow, I love your hair?’ That’s successful blonde.






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